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Camtasia 21.0.6 Now Available



  • Fifi

    Is there a plan to re-enable the Add-in for 32-bit PowerPoint 365 (for Camtasia 2021)?  I really really really hope so!  Knowing that it will return at some point would be a good thing. Thanks for listening!

  • Reza Lhatib
    • Removed add-in support for 32-bit Powerpoint.

    If you no longer offer Camtasia for use under PowerPoint 32 bit, we are forced to stick to version 2021.0.5 and will not be able to use any further updates and future extensions in the near future. Then our annual updates will no longer be continued. Nothing speaks against use under Office PowerPoint x64, but not to develop for the 32 bit version is a pity.

  • Adelelouis494

    That is a great news. 

  • Michael Hall

    It would be incredibly useful to be able to make a "Simplified Video" just like the Simplify feature in SnagIt. I do lots of software videos with screen recordings and an "Auto Simplify Video" feature would reduce my editing time by maybe five to tenfold. Currently, the only method for simplified videos is to simplify single images one-by-one and then make a tutorial video from those images. This is not efficient. I look forward to your release 2022x with this Simplify Video feature :)


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