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  • montauk6

    I'm running Version 2022.1.0 (64 Bit) (Build 20078) - 6/10/2022 on Windows 11 Pro, v21H2.

    The reason I didn't just Snag and paste the Help-About is because of the problem I've been facing for a while now:  somehow the clipboard in Windows fails and I no longer can copy and paste unless I reboot my machine (which can be disruptive sometimes).  It could be a Microsoft thing but I've seemed to whittle it down to it happening after doing a capture and attempting to copy the image and pasting it to a Word document or Outlook message.

    The Snagit works fine in terms of capturing but somehow it crashes the clipboard, and this only happened since I upgraded to Windows 11.  So, I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this issue.

  • Pxenakis


    TechSmith Support gave me this recommendation and it worked.

    - go to this location: C:\Users\Public\TechSmith\Snagit
    - delete the License folder you see there
    - See if Snagit will start up now


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