Install Media Feature Pack--don't have Win10 N



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    Erik R.

    Hello Lori,

    This is a known issue our developers are working on a fix for.

    Can you try downloading and installing the x64 and x86 Visual C++ Redistributable files from this link and see if you have the same issue afterwards?

  • Peircek

    I am having the same issue- I was using capture yesterday today I'm receiving the same message that the media feature pack is required.  When I search for the update the version I am updated to, it is not on the list.  IT has suggested we need an update from Capture?

  • Paul Middlin

    We believe this issue is fixed now, if you go download the latest version.

  • Lori_Ford

    Thank you. I did download the files in the link provided 5 days ago, and that took care of my problem.


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