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    David Howell

    One thing you could try:

    1. Go to the Selection tool
    2. Choose Freehand Selection under the Tool Properties (looks like a lasso)
    3. Check "Snap to Object" right below that
    4. Make the select tolerance around 92-95 (the slider)
    5. Under Background Fill: choose Auto-Fill
    6. Optimize for: Photo Quality
    7. Draw (freehand) around the object your arrow is pointing to
    8. (there should be a dashed line around it afterwards)
    9. Delete the selection (DEL key or Ctrl+X)

    It should have removed that object and filled in where it was with the surrounding colors. I just tried it on your image above and the results were pretty good. Probably close to what you were looking for.


    Another tip: if you use the Selection Tool and select an area, then move over to the Fill tool, the fill will only happen within the selected area (surrounded by those dashed lines).

    HTH, let us know what kind of results you got.

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