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Analytics for VideoReview



  • Paul Middlin

    Thank you for the suggestions. What would you use the IP/MAC for, or browser/os? Maybe it would help to take a step back and tell us how you are using it...

  • t.rueb

    OK, my head is thinking like website analytics a little bit, but basically:

    IP and MAC address - if I send an invite to view out a person with the "allowed with URL" and I see this person always at a certain IP or MAC but then I start seeing him all over the place I know that the link has been shared beyond my original distribution list.

    Browser/OS - if I send out a video with a lot of detail, including transition, behaviors, and animation, maybe even some interesting track matte stuff too, and I get a 'looks great' comment as my only feedback, then I notice this was from an android user with some half baked browsers, I might discount this feedback drastically or possibly even ignore it.

  • Aalimehra76

    Thanks for sharing this information. It is very informative.


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