Camtasia 2021 Constantly Crashing on Windows 11



  • BusinessBuilder

    In my case, with Camtasia (latest version 21.0.12, build 33438) on Windows 10 Pro, Camtasia crashes every time I exit the program.  I am able to save my project and export my video, but when I exit the program it crashes.

  • IanC

    Turns on that I think I've fixed the issue, or at least have a workaround, Camtasia isn't crashing when I changed to "Use Graphics Card - Microsoft Basic Render Driver".

    When I use "Intel(R) Iris(R) Xe Graphics (recommended)" I see Camtasia crash consistently. 

    In Preferences, I reset Camtasia to Factory Defaults and then change the Hardware acceleration.



  • rimon

    Crash all the time for me also. 

    CAmtasia 2021 (newest) crash on both Windowss 10 and Windows 11. On Windows 10 I can work and save all the time so that I would be able to recover after crash. On Windows 11, I can't work at all With Camtasia 2021. 

  • inco

    Same for me on Win 10. Is especially crashes reliably if I try to add clip speed.

    The ticket always results in first level things like:

    • Reset Camtasia
    • Reinstall Camtasia
    • Cleanup Registry
    • Change acceleration to software (which results in even more odd behavior)
    • Update your drivers
    • Send in some logs

    Nothing helpful so far and for every ticket I open up they are always asking for the same things which are totally unrelated to my problem and only costs me a lot of time and delays the bugfix.

    My ticket is open since one week (23.10.) and still nothing helpful.

    There seems to be a problem with a dll file:


  • Nick_Q

    I am having exactly the same problem, Camtasia just crashing mid-production ("not responding") VERY frustrating!  IF I am lucky following a close-down and reboot Camtasia produces the latest autosave...

    Using Windows 10 Pro with a decent processor and space available  - I did reset as per:

    No difference still crashing!

  • IanC

    Nick_Q Can you try to change the render from"Intel(R) Iris(R) Xe Graphics (recommended)" to "Use Graphics Card - Microsoft Basic Render Driver".

    Does that still crash as frequently?

  • Robert Topp

    Similar problem, thought Camtasia was crashing after anywhere from 2 to 15 minutes of use (Windows 10 Pro). I was clicking randomly around the program to demonstrate to our IT guy that it had crashed and one of my random clicks was on a media file, which then opened and started playing in a new window. Couldn't see it but could hear it. So it wasn't completely crashed, but was not operating at a functional level that allowed me to accomplish anything. Only way to close the program was from the task manager, but still got the save message so I didn't loose my work (not that I was accomplishing much in less than 15 minutes work blocks). After trying various fixes with no results, our IT guy upgraded the RAM to 16gb. Three hours now without an issue.

  • Info

    Im ready to scream ...  crashing constanly ...  going to go back to 2020 version and see will it work 

  • Robert Topp

    alright, I may have gotten ahead of myself. Came in today and it completely froze once and had to rely on the backup file and got the partial freeze once that allowed me to save when I closed from the task bar. It's working for longer than the 2 to 15 minutes I was experiencing, but there is still a problem.


  • jensen.angelica

    Not just crashing for me then! It’s driving me crazy! I have a big project to finish today and it just keeps on crashing! So annoying! I really hope they fix this soon!

  • Alejandra

    IanC Thank you!

    I did change the render from: "Intel(R) Iris(R) Xe Graphics (recommended)" to "Use Graphics Card - Microsoft Basic Render Driver", and it seems to be working.

    I have a tutorial to finish today, and I was losing my mind with Camtasia crashing almost ever minute of 2, I even reinstalled it didn't help.

    Thanks again & have a great week!

  • gyde

    Hi IanC, 

    I still have extreme issues with crashing after following these instructions. Almost any action or click (max 3 in a row) will make Camtasia 2021 freeze (I use Windows 11). I have to force it to close via the Task Manager and then reopen the autosaved version, to then again click twice. This is very very stressful.

    KR, Gyde

  • IanC

    So I had someone contact me to inform me that the issue has nothing to do with Camtasia, or windows 11, but rather the Intel(R) Iris(R) Xe Graphics driver. 

    Check if you are running Driver Version from October 7, 2021?


    If you are running, intel is working on a patch that is slated to come out "soon". 

  • gyde

    Here are my details. I made a scan, and the driver seems not to need an update (according to automations), but if I should do something else, I am happy to hear what. :)

    This driver version is not the one you are referring to.

    KR, Gyde


  • Sgorozco

    Hi everyone, I'm experiencing the same sort of problems, and found a workaround (not definitive), but at least I can significantly reduce the frequency of the crashes I'm experiencing).

    I can trigger the hang usually by going to the "media bin" appartment and hovering the mouse over any of the recordings.  Camtasia 2021  will change the cursor to a cross-arrow and hangs indefinitely. If I click the close button.  Windows 10 reports the application is unresponsive, and force-closes it. The interesting bit is the log entry generated:

    The hang type "Cross-thread" is usually generated when a secondary thread (think of a thread  like a sub-process running inside a process, that can use a different core to run tasks in parallel) tries to manipulate the User Interface  - something that must only be done only in the main thread. So it seems to be some sort of multi-threading issue. 

    What I tried is this: I opening Camtasia, and with the Task Manager, I locate the process under the "Details" Tab:

    Then I right-click and select "Set Affinity" - this allows you to restrict the CPU cores that can actually run the multiple threads used by Camtasia.  I get best results (less lockup frequency) by only allowing execution on my last core:

    This needs to be done every time Camtasia is opened. I believe it works because by restricting the process to a single core, then there is no way that more than one thread can be active at the same time (they run pausing and resuming in a round-robin fashion, sharing the same core)  and - probably - that reduces the chance of hitting the condition producing the lock-up.  The program becomes very choppy, but still usable IMHO. 

    Hope this proves useful both to anyone experiencing the lockups  and to the Camtasia development team!

  • Sgorozco

    TechSmith has just released an update (v 21.0.13) - It fixes the problems I've been experiencing! Thanks, good job!


  • John Hart

    IanC's fix worked for me - Windows 10 Pro and RTX-3090. I did also install the recent update, so that might have fixed it also.

  • pizzaman

    I had a similar problem recently. Camtasia kept crashing and was acting very wanky. What I did was reinstall the program. Afterward, there was a dialogue box that said "Repair". I clicked that and it fixed all of my issues.

  • agould

    Anyone else unable to render a project with the latest Camtasia 2021? After updating it crashes or hangs every time irrespective of disabling hardware acceleration, running with administrative rights, running a repair etc. I have the same problem on two PCs.

    I also notice that when using "Save as" Camtasia now creates a new folder and duplicates all the resources. Before it did the sensible thing of creating just the new project file.

  • Dr Nitin Paranjape

    IanC method works.

    One additional improvement I found.

    While EDITING a project - keep it with Microsoft Renderer.

    While rendering (Export) use the Graphics card. 

    Best of both worlds.

    NO crashes during editing. And fast export / render.




  • agould

    Unfortunately not for me. It crashes every time.

    I am exporting multiple files based on markers and this appears to be the problem.

    The workaround is to export a small number of files (<10), but this is far from ideal. I will have to return to the previous version until this is fixed.

  • Brendan Andrea

    Hi guys,

    This was driving me crazy today.  Windows 11, latest build of Camtasia (via Help-> Check for Updates) and crashing literally with almost any action.  I tried heaps of different things.  I ended up trying Windows Compatibility Trouble Shooter.  It analysed the Camtasia program and recommended using Windows 8 Compatibility mode.  Since then it now works!

    I at least can edit and publish my video without it crashing.

    Thought I'd share as it's been a crazy day trying to get this to work.


  • IanK

    Can only share my complete frustration of the same problem. Iris Xe Graphics on Lenovo X1 - had to use laptop as away from my desk. Crash after crash after crash. Wasted hours on this.

    Re-installed Iris drivers, re-installed Camtasia - crash, crash, crash.

    The only thing that worked was to change hardware acceleration in Edit->Preferences to Basic Renderer. Thanks Nitin for the tip!

  • Suparnadasen

    Luckily I found this page while I was searching for camtasia crashing issue in win11.

    I tried with all the solutions mentioned here but only changing the compatibility of application to  Windows 8 Compatibility mode, worked for me.

    Thank you @Brendan Andrea

  • TheChartistAust

    OMG I have wasted the whole morning on this! I've tried everything and Camtasia contactly crashes - Not Responding. I've submitted a support ticket but don't have 24-48 hours to wait for them to get back to me. :(

  • isabeuka

    IanC thank you! Your solution worked!!!

  • Donminter

    Just as an aside, I had a corrupted user file and had to create a new user. Camtasia was only one of several programs that was crashing or hanging. It was a bit of a pain moving files, but I got that computer working. I'm now on a new computer, and back to a single user. Maybe if changing the graphics acceleration options doesn't work, you can try creating a new user in windows and seeing if you can run Camtasia under that.

  • Shane Lilley

    Thank you IanC - your work around fixed my issue perfectly. Plus it did not seem to make a big difference in time to render my 6 hour project. Very happy, it was driving me crazy.

  • Texastacoma

    I had the same problem as IanC. I went to the Security and Maintenance control panel as he described. I noticed that several problems started when Asus GPU Tweek started crashing. So I uninstalled that program and all other Asus software. Now Camtasia opens entirely without crashing. I hope this has fixed the problem.

  • Srivello

    I'm in Camtasia 2022 with Windows 10. Latest version of each as of today.

    I see the issue.

    I changed from Geforce to Microsoft in "Edit->Preferences" and its fixed.

    Thanks Nitin for the tip!


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