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How to operate (cut/move) on a subpixel level in @2x double or @3d triple resolution files



  • Luke Griffioen

    Thanks for this feedback, we are working on some things that may make this easier, but I'd imagine there's more we could do.

    One workaround that may help you is if you scale your @2x capture in Snagit by 200%, you can edit the file like it's single pixels, then scale by 50% once you're done. This scaling does not resample the background, so you should not lose any quality.

  • Abitofmind

    Luke Griffioen  — This is actually a great hint how to do that losslessly and in-app without any external tools. A big time saver for the situations where this becomes necessary! Thanks! For me that resolves the situation 100%. Worked fine!


    Only thing remaining: You may add this hint to your tutorial section! Very valuable hint for situations when you encounter this!

  • Abitofmind

    Today I had the situation again:

    • Nudging up/down in a @2x screenshot actually moves by 2px (which is 1 hi-res pixel).
    • But to cover the disturbing object I'd actually only need 1px (a subpixel in the hi-res representation)

    So I applied your hint:

    • I resized to 200% (which is a "canvas-only" operation, the bitmaps stored within the snagx file do not get modified by this) then moved by 1px.
    • Then resized to 50%. From then on each arrow-nudging-step is by two pixels but as the subpixel error was previously corrected, we are on a "new grid" (shifted by 1 raw pixel), so when I nudge away also multiple steps and then back towards the problematic area to cover, I cover the object completely or if I nudge back 2 raw pixels (=1 representation pixel) of it get revealed (instead of 1 raw pixels which is a subpixel in the @2x representation)
    • Solved the problem.

    Nevertheless these problems remain in Snagit:

    1. Zoom is blurry/interpolated → hence I proposed: Menu > View > Pixel Preview (⌘ ⇧ P)
    2. Lacks normal supported function to move subpixels (without hacks/workarounds) → hence I proposed: Nudging with arrow key + modifier key combo to move by "X pixels" or "1 raw pixel" (subpixel in @2x hi-res file)

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