Way to automatically save clips to macOS cut buffer?



  • Luke Griffioen


    If you switch off preview in editor, and switch on copy to clipboard, it should do what you're looking for, as long as the editor is closed.

  • Jim Boriotti

    Whew - I figured out how to turn off preview in editor, and it only took 15 minutes.  (Help on the menu doesn't show this, and I couldn't find it in the Application Settings.  And this like seems dead.  https://support.techsmith.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360071749532-How-do-I-turn-preview-in-editor-on-Mac-Version-

    It seems that this will work if I use the icon at the top of the screen to start a capture.  I.e. it saves the screen capture to the MacOS buffer, and I can then paste into apps like ppt & word.

    But here's an issue... (Note: I programmed All-in-one Capture Shortcut to be SHIFT+CMD+4, the default screen clipping  sequence for Mac, after I turned that off in MacOS system settings.)  When I hit that sequence it goes into Snagit capture mode.  But when I clip something, it doesn't save to the MacOS cut buffer.  That (still) contains shows what was last clipped the last time a screen capture was done using the Snagit icon at the top of the screen.

    Is there a way to get Snagit to save its capture to the MacOS clipboard when Snagit is invoked using Keyboard Shortcuts?

  • Luke Griffioen

    That should be possible, do you have the capture hotkey programmed here? If so, this should be working.

    If you changed the hotkey in the hotkey preferences, that is tied to the oneclick window, so you'll need to check the settings there


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