Capture fails on first try. Second try works



  • Luke Griffioen


    Sorry this is happening, this isn't something we've heard about before. What versions of Snagit and macOS are you running? Are there any error messages, or does the image just never make it into the editor?

  • Mazzucaman

    Thanks for getting back to me. iMac with Monterey 12.3.1. Snagit 2202.0.3

    I do get a message I'll try to capture it exactly. A box appears with a blue banner with Snagit indicating that the capture failed. I close the main Snagit editor window and retry. It always works the second time. 

    This problem is sporadic. I can go a week or two without issues. 

    I use Sangit on a daily basis.

  • Luke Griffioen

    Thanks for the information. Is this with image capture, video capture, or both? Are you able to get a screenshot of the error dialog?


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