Pin annotation to some specific frame on the track


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  • Leif Alton

    Camtasia does not support what you are asking for directly.  There are a few ways to make this easier though. 

    1. If you use the green and red playhead markers to select the region you wish to delete, you can then do a ripple delete.  All tracks will have that section cut out and everything to the right will shift over.  So this will not work if there are some tracks you do not wish the ripple delete to be applied to.

    2. Another option is to group the media you wish to edit. To do this, select both the media and the callout then choose the group option from the context menu.  Now if you cut a section out before the callout, the callout will stay in its position relative to the media.  When you are done editing your cuts, you can always ungroup these if you need to (or example to stitch your media into one or apply effects and animations to only your media or only your callout).  Otherwise any effects or scaling applied to the group will effect everything within the group. You can also pop into the group by double-clicking the bottom edge of the group or clicking the plus sign on the bottom left edge of the group.  This opens the group contents in a separate tab on the timeline.  This allows you to make changes to the media inside the group individually (for example, maybe you decide later to shift the callout back so it shows up one frame earlier).

    Hopefully one of these two options will make your editing a bit easier.


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