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SCORM Export Settings



  • Benjamin Rhodes

    Hi Adam,

    I went ahead and created a new project to test out your specific video setup (SCORM 1.2, 5 quiz questions, 80% correct requirements and 100% completion set).  I have verified what the TechSmith Smart Player does in the scenarios you have outlined.

    When I get 4/5 questions correct:

    • A raw score (cmi.core.score.raw api value) of 80 is sent to the LMS.
    • A lesson status (cmi.core.lesson_status) of passed is sent to the LMS.

    When I get 2/5 questions correct:

    • A raw score (cmi.core.score.raw api value) of 40 is sent to the LMS.
    • A lesson status (cmi.core.lesson_status) of failed is sent to the LMS.

    For more transparency, when getting the value for lesson status, it gets marked incomplete at the start of the session.  The valid values that can be stored for lesson status are:

    • “passed”
    • “completed”
    • “failed”
    • “incomplete”
    • “browsed”
    • “not attempted”

    The tricky thing about SCORM is it seems like every LMS does something different with how it integrates the SCORM api into the rest of the LMS.  This is why I focused on the data we send to the SCORM api.

    What LMS are you using? What version of Camtasia are you using to create the SCORM package? Does it have any type of debugging data that you can view?


  • Seth Merriam

    When we set the completion for our storyline content we use "passed/incomplete" ... it seems to work best with our LMS. Is there a way to get those values to be passed upon "completion" of a video (meaning the threshold for the percent to be watched have been met) when there is no cotent?


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