Camtasia Studio Recording Pause Button Terminates Skype Out Calls



  • kayakman
    Expert Camtasia User

    suggest you report it as a bug by filing a formal ticket with tech support ...

  • Here's Johnny


    Have you tried pausing the the recorder using the keyboard shortcut { F9 } ?

    It's not a solution to the problem you've encountered and might not work either.

    Skype shortcuts all start with the Control Key, followed by 1 or more keys.

    F9 may or may not be disconnected from Skype and still pause Camtasia?   

  • plusassociates

    Hi Kayakman,

    Hope paddling now on weather in your neck of the woods.
    A Tech Support note was made. Testing problem reproducibility again.

    Was using Skype Out to dial a telephone number. Pressing the Camtasia Studio Recording Pause button seemed to shut off the Skype out call shortly after a pause. A Skype to Skype call might not have same result. More testing needed. Will update once more info discovered. Should not be a problem recording screen during a call if Pause button not pressed etc.

    more to follow.

    Thank you for fast reply.

  • plusassociates


    Hot key was not used. Only pressing the Pause button in the Recorder seemed to stop a Skype Out in progress call to a Telephone number. More to follow.


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