Multiple Audio Tracks Volume sync Adjustment



  • kayakman
    Expert Camtasia User

    Feedback - Use Gain To Change Audio Level On Multiple Clips 2022-05-28


  • Here's Johnny


    Introduced with Camtasia 2019 through present { Camtasia 2021 }

    There is a feature called Auto-Normalize loudness. It's a feature that is enabled in Project settings.It does a pretty good job of matching volume levels between clips. 

    It prevents clipping and raises the volume of audio that is to low.

    The effect is applied to all audio tracks in the timeline.

    This can have an adverse effect on some audio tracks. Dynamic music tracks in particular.

    Camtasia 2021 is the first version that allows for disabling auto-normalization on selected tracks. This should be used/disabled on most high quality music tracks. In my opinion.



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