Camtasia 2022 Now Available!



  • andre.leblanc

    Thanks for this overview, Robert R.

    Just commentary from the peanut gallery...

    • Native HEVC is nearly enough of a feature to make the upgrade worthwhile for me.  A lot of video sources ("cameras") use that codec now and having to go to a 3rd party app to convert it for Camtasia was an additional expense and time drain.
    • Cursor Paths is a nice feature for people that aren't as aware of their hectic/subconscious mouse movements when recording a video
    • Calling out integration with Audiate seems a weee bit disingenuous as it makes it seem as if Audiate is bundled with Camtasia, whereas it's actually a wholly separate program that cost as much as Camtasia.  (Which IMHO makes Audiate seem waaay overpriced for what it does relative to what Camtasia does.)
    • When the next iteration of Camtasia goes live, I'd recommend having this type of post ready to go so that it gets published the same time the download becomes available.  As your post came out after the release of Camtasia 2022, it seemed like an eternity waiting for [your post].  It has the perception that the respective people responsible for the Product Launch Date and the Announcement Date weren't on the same page.  (We like to imagine/dream that all the companies we give our money to have perfect internal synergies. 🙄😄)

    (I'm tempted to include the "wish list" for future features, but those already get hammered home in other parts of the forums.  This is about what Camtasia 2022 actually can do right now.👍🏻)

  • Mariusz

    Those new features are awesome, thank you for those, BUT!

    I feel like when you update one part, you downgrade the other part of Camtasia... :(


    Before Camtasia 2021 you had really good screen recorder I liked. You had the option to lock the recording area to certain window and the recording area was following that window. Even better was that when you typed in your custom recording dimensions you could resize the window the recorder was locked to. That was awesome! I didn't need to install browser extensions for resizing my windows. But then you released Camtasia 2021 with brand new recorder which nobody liked... Fortunately you included the legacy recorder, so there was way around that downgrade. But now in Camtasia 2022 there is no legacy recorder available anymore... why?


    You introduced new local file exporter and besides the fact that there is no presets anymore (which were useful) it actually has some issues with the audio quality. So again the new solution is useless and I have to go back to the legacy local file exporter (thank God you keep those legacy features for some time).

    I'm little bit concerned about the product I like and I keep paying for year to year. It feels like you focus on some expensive upsells and you keep removing from Camtasia those small things that actually work and make our life easier. Ok, the cursor path is pretty cool and useful, but I rather prefer the old legacy recorder and good audio quality (of course the best would be to have it all...).

  • andre.leblanc

    Robert R., It might be worth chiming in here (AND in a fresh post if it's not already done) about the best way for people to report bugs and what can be expected after doing so.  If there's a feedback option in the app (besides the crash logger/reporter), perhaps it's worth reminding people about that as well.

  • Don MacFarlane

    I do not see anything in 2022 that is desirable and several new features that are rather unwelcome. 
    Export: When exporting. you have supposedly streamlined the export process but the bitrate for audio is now cut down to a maximum of 192 (this is very relevant where you have spoken audio and need to make small edits of audio track). 
    I see that there is still no solution to the issue of exports defaulting to windows locations nowhere near where the project is found or a way of making the default destination smarter.
    The entire export dialogue box is designed from an aesthetic perspective with little interest in UX - example: When you click advanced settings there are four tabs. The distinction in gradation between which tab is currently selected is entirely impossible unless one can distinguish between black and very very dark charcoal gray. Furthermore, it was apparently deemed a good idea to make the export screen quite small overall and use smaller font. Luckily I have large screens but sometimes would like to use a laptop where the size and color make the process of exporting laughable. 
    Annotations: When I drop in a blur or pixelate effect there is a weird yellow line far off from the item that appears when I I move around. I have no idea what that is meant to do nor do your rather sparse release notes mention them.
    These are the things I have noticed for now. I will add more as I find them. 
    I would really appreciate an actual comprehensive release document showing all releases and the reasons behind them.

  • theresa

    I am having the same trouble as Shane. I hope we can get some advice or assistance on that.


  • andre.leblanc

    Allow me to interject a pinch of perspective.

    There is a potential upside to any observed issues with 2022.  If you're posting in here, you were/are likely a licensed 2021 user.  So, just revert to using that one until you see your issued addressed in a future patch/release (here).  Ya didn't have 2022 before, so not having it now should be no big thing.  Even if you have a maintenance agreement, you're still entitled to 2022 when it gets to a point where you feel the current pain points have been addressed.  And, as far as I'm aware, they can peacefully coexist on your computer, so switching between the two shouldn't be a show-stopper.

    I don't know if TechSmith has a beta tester program, but whenever ya grab a brand new version of an app, there's always that chance of bugs.  A group of (10?) internal beta testers can only test so much, compared to a global rollout to hundreds/thousands of users who will certainly be doing things that didn't come up in beta testing, especially given the variety of hardware and OS revisions. 
    This isn't a defense of releasing buggy software.  Nor am I saying that TechSmith released a known buggy product.  This is in defense of developers who aren't nearly as numerous as the population of global endusers.
    I'm bettin' that if ya went back far enough in the forums...say April 27, 2021... you'd find just as many people ripping 2021 for all the things that didn't work, but did work in the final release of 2020.

  • Lonecrusader1989

    Does this version work with Windows 11 Insider Preview? 

  • David Soden

    Robert R. I see there is a new Exporter that does NOT support:

    • Quizzes / SCORM
    • HotSpots
    • Table of Contents

    What does this mean for the future of this new player and these existing favorite Camtasia features?

    Yes, I see the inclusion of the Legacy Exporter is this release, and this is FINE so long as this remains in every release after... I seriously hope this was done like this because you were keen to release a new player and did not have the time to include all the features from the Legacy Exporter - PLEASE DO NOT remove features yet again and increase pricing...

  • Tyuninanatali091996

    Hello! I installed the latest version of Camtasia and saw new features in the Camtasia 2022 library , namely Callouts - Counters - Countdown Frames . I can't figure out how to set the numbers that I need, and not the ones that the library gives me, from 0 to 300. I realized that if you evade the time of this element, then the numbers increase - but how to make sure that in a certain period of time you have the numbers you need. I will be very grateful for any help!

  • Robert R.

    Hi andre.leblanc!

    First, I'd like to thank you for the feedback and to let you know that I'm glad to hear that h.265/HEVC support (on importing/editing) was right up your alley!

    As to your other points- this type of feedback for Audiate (or any of our products and services) is great to hear - I'll be sure to pass it on to the respective teams here with links to your comment for them to pop in and dig for more if they'd like additional context. The last point, I completely agree- this is something that we'd typically post within hours of the release going live (as we want to make sure all is in the clear before we open mouth-insert-foot); this time the ball was definitely dropped as we weren't able to post this sooner- I'll work to get these out in a more timely manner with future updates!

    Thank you again for taking the time to jot down your thoughts! I genuinely appreciate the constructive feedback and know the teams that read these posts do as well.


  • Dlt123me

    I agree with Andre concerning Audiate. I was considering Audiate until I saw the price. It would be a nice app to have but there are sites online that will do the same for much less cost. 

    To make more sales of Audiate, you really need to consider lowering its price to at least 1/2.

    As I always say, you make more money in the long run selling something at a much lower price, even though you have to sell more, making it more appealing to many than selling it at an inflated price and only selling a few.

    Not trying to diss ya, just saying it is way overpriced for my consideration. It's not a necessity for me, but rather a nice toy to have if needed.

    Thanks, and continued success for Camtasia.

  • Shane

    It appears that there is a pretty serious issue with the cursor path editing and recordings. If the recording is cropped the original path is completely misaligned and trying to create a new path doesn't seem to work.

  • SuperDale

    2022 crashes every time I try to bring in my own Library Assets (pre-created intro/exit clips)...keeps saying I'm trying to bring in a 60fps into my 30fps project...I've never used 60fps...ever...and then boom, it crashes. I've used these assets for over a year now, and in 2021 I didn't have this issue. frustrating!

  • Darci Zuffo

    I am teaching classes by Google Meet.
    After that, before uploanding in a school cloud,
    I need to edit those videos.
    As all the video-classes there are a lot of mistakes, hums,
    hesitations etc, so I need to erase them, "to cut them".
    So during the video editing, I have to use hundred of times
    - Alt+M, and right after that, Ctrl+M, - 
    to introduce those markers (on and off,
    or something like that). What I mean is: how can
    I save time not doing 3 steps, in sequence, =>
    to set down a single "marker". Alt+M => to able,
    one click with the mouse in the time line,
    and right after that, Ctrl+M to desable,
    just to set down a single "marker". Three steps always. It´s something too boring, 
    It´s a "stressful repeated" kind of sequence during all editing procedure. In another words to edit a single video I have to use those mentioned "3 steps" a "hundred of times". Instead of this Camtasia could provide a single step, like Magix Vegas do or whatever so. Don´t come to me to use other program like Audiate, because it is too expensive. This kind of new feature I´d like to see in a future Camtasia.

  • Mackenzie Stolz


    I am enjoying some aspects of the new release and am eager to try out adjusting anchor points, which I learned about in this post. One thing I am struggling with is the change to the canvas snapping. In the post, it states 

    • Added align–assist guides to bounding box interactions to easily align media

    These are great, but I cannot get the canvas to simply center my objects. Is there more documentation available on how the new alignment/canvas snapping features work and what some of the lines are showing me?

  • Donnakweaver

    I use Camtasia to convert my audiobooks into videos I post on YouTube. Using 2021 has been a dream. I installed 2022, and the file it produces won't play for me. My system says the MP4 isn't recognized. I did it twice. So I uninstalled 2022 and used 2011 to create the file. Once again, it's faultless.

    I can't use 2022 until this is fixed.

  • Donnakweaver

    I used 2021 to create the file, I mean.

  • Tony

    This release does not work for MacOS using a standard Camlink connection. Please do not download it and support is not prepared to fix the issue. Untested beta product at best.

  • Dlt123me

    Tyuninanatali091996, right-click on the asset on the timeline, look for Duration in the pop-up menu, and enter the time amount you wish.

    You can edit the time formula displayed on the screen by double-clicking the number. Look at the formula, to figure out each second placement. It should look like this for a 1-minute countdown...


    To add a minute marker, do this...


    So, for a minute and second countdown, set the duration by multiplying the seconds you want by 60 seconds for by the number of minutes you want to run out... I.e.  For a 15-minute countdown, it would be 60x15=900. So, set the duration to 900.

    I hope this helps.



  • Shaughnessy John

    Multiple users over multiple versions have expressed issues with the export to Youtube feature. I have tried this in both the 2022 and 2021 versions and have continuously received an unexpected youtube error when I try to connect Camtasia to a new youtube account. Since exporting to MP4 doesn't allow for setting up timelines within the youtube video, many users report that it is undesirable to export the video to our computers and then upload via the youtube studio site. Its very discouraging that over multiple versions of this software (2020-2022), this has not been improved. Please address this in a new patch!


  • Donnakweaver

    Curious about 2021. I've never had any trouble downloading the MP4 file to my PC and then uploading it to YouTube. 2022 was a different story. So, I uninstalled 2022 and tried the file with 2021 and it worked just fine.

  • joe.ingram

    When exporting an MP4 with the Local File option in Camtasia 2022, it doesn't save your Quality higher than 60% even after adjusting to 75% and exporting. The file always reverts back to a 60% quality save. Is this an issue/bug? I can work around this by using the Legacy Local File save right now but I need to let my team know how to go about this. 

  • Belag0174

    Apparently there is a really difficult issue with the cursor way altering and accounts. In the event that the recording is edited the first way is totally skewed and attempting to make another way doesn't appear to work.


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