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Is SCORM packaging on the way out?



  • Curlyshell

    I'm concerned about that, too. The new export has very few controls. Just one example: I record at a higher frame rate to make editing easier, but I don't want to export at that rate or high quality. Standard export is double the file size.

    UPDATE: Under Export Local File, there are (now??) Advanced Settings that allow a change of dimensions, audio bit rate, and Encoding including frame rate, quality level, and a new "Use GPU encoding." 

  • GregMarczak

    Still looking for an answer as well.  Will the ability to create and publish a SCORM to an LMS be available in future versions?  Significant development time is spent creating media with SCORM and I will move on to other methods if Camtasia will no longer give the ability to use it.  I do use the legacy options now with no problem.

  • Academy

    Agree with the above comments. We use Camtasia as a video editor largely because we output  our finished products as SCORM files in our LMS. 

    In the recent Camtasia post about Legacy Exporter, they ask users to identify why folks still use the Legacy Exporter. (though, I prefer developers get feedback *before* they eliminate user features)

    Let them know: 

     - They also identify a workaround in their post - 

  • kayakman
    Expert Camtasia User

    Legacy Exported is back in 2022.4.1.

    should stay around for 12 months while they add functions to new exporter

    you can do SCORM in new exporter; there are configuration options


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