Snag-IT Build 2022.1 Installation Issue with Library



  • Swevers08

    @Steve: I have the same problem. I miss approximately two months of images. I discovered that my location had changed (back?) to AppData\Local\TechSmith\Snagit\Documents (check Edit>Editor preferences>tab Library). On March 25th I had the same problem with an earlier update of Snagit. I had to convert all images (+2500) to snagx and my organisation gave instructions to change the Local Application Data Folder, which I did. I think with the new update the chosen location, which is still available, was overridden by the default path mentioned above.
    I am able to import the missing images through File>Import>Import to library and I will keep the default location. The library panel now shows all dates with images.
    Is this helpfull for you?
    @Snagit developers, is my assumption correct that the location was overridden by the default path, and how can I prevent this? Why give the option to change the location if it is not saved? I cannot acess the current location using file explorer, so I would like to change the location permanently, without having to convert and import every time an update is made.

  • Marcel

    Hi Guys,

    Please allow me to step in here...

    Maybe one you could get me some advice about the same matter you are discussing.
    Upgrade and library.

    I am still with good old Snagit 2021.
    There is not a single .snag file (snag with the 'x') on my system that I created myself. There are few, but those are the ones that are installed. i.e. part of Snagit-installation.

    My library is with N:\SnagItDataStore
    The actual files are saved to N:\JPG\SnagItCatalog (as per presets)
    (N is -not- a network drive, but a physical partition on one of my HDD's)

    I have not yet switched to 2022. That is to say, I did a switch when 2022 was released but quickly went back to 2021, because of these library issues.

    Also it seems that the 'old'(2021) datastore location within the registry has change(??)

    From: (2021)

    to some LibraryStoreDirectory location(?)
    What will happen with the files from the SnagItDatastore?

    Appreciate to learn how the update went at your end.
    Any things that I should do  before  starting the update?

    Thanks a lot!



  • Steve

    My issue was resolved with a simple regedit.

  • Marcel

    Steve, thanks. I know my way in regedit. Does a simple change in the registry fix all the problems then? The .sdf files in the old datastore, they become null and void?

  • Swevers08

    Updates of Snagit are handled by my organization (pushed). I didn't check HKEY etc. In my case the import through the GUI Snagit worked fine. The files in the alternative location are still available and valid, in AppData\Local\TechSmith\Snagit\Documents a copy of these files are placed.


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