Unable to start snagit after update



  • Skeezix

    I get the same message if I try to update version 2022.0.0.14133 to version 2022.1.0.20078. Fails every time. I'm currently working with tech support to fix the problem. If they can fix the problem I'll post the fix here.

  • Skeezix

    Here's what I did to install version 20078 when version 14133 is already installed:

    1. Use the Control Panel to uninstall version 14133. If you have problems with this method, then download Revo Uninstaller Free and use that. If "Snagit" appears more than once in the Control Panel, select each instance and uninstall it. You may have to perform the uninstall more than once for each version. "Snagit" will not appear in the Control Panel once you have successfully uninstalled it.

    2. Go through the C: drive and delete every folder that is named "TechSmith". Look in Program Files,  Program Files (x86), Program Data, and in every folder under User. Make sure that you have deleted every single folder named "TechSmith".

    3. You do not have to make any changes to the Registry.

    4. After every single instance of "TechSmith" folders has been removed, restart your computer.

    5. Now you can install Snagit 2022.1.0.20078.

    This worked for me. Good luck!


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