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Add HDR Support during capture and recording



  • Smith 1517

    Yeah its pretty annoying having to turn off HDR to allow for it to work

  • Cbonami

    I second that. It makes Snagit unusable for me. I like the HDR as it is softer for my eyes. I watch the screen all day.

  • Crs Thomas

    Please FIX this issue with HDR, this has been reported for a few YEARS now. My monitor looks terrible with HDR off, Snagit, please listen to your customers.

  • mark

    It's terrible. Been some years since I last had trouble with this, but was expecting this to be fixed LONG ago. Found out today that it's not.


  • Jbeyer

    I don't know which is more concerning, the fact that this is not fixed, or the fact that TechSmith doesn't reply to customer requests on here. 

  • Chris Scarff

    I just had my co-worker contact Support via chat for DARK recordings on our grey web browser application.  It looked fine during recording, but in post it would often turn very dark, not washed out like many have mentioned.  She simply disabled HRD in windoze 11 Display settings.

    She was fixed up in less than 5 minutes using chat.  


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