Camtasia Mac 22.1.0 - Released August 9, 2022



  • Official comment
    Brooks Andrus

    A couple of overview videos to get you up and running with Cursor Swap and Blur Region features.

    Blur Region Effect:
    Cursor Swap:

  • Alex Zaharov-Reutt

    Great news, was wondering when a new update would come.

    It will be interesting to see whether Camtasia 22 on an M2 MacBook Air is faster at rendering than an M1 MBA, given the video processing hardware on chip that the M2 has compared with the M1.

    Anyway congratulations on the update and thank you for releasing it!



  • lindeego

    Since I upgraded to this version, the audio and video are not synching. Mac desktop pro (intel), 96GB RAM, Big Sur.  Happens later in the video and is a PIA to edit. It also seems to not capture some video. 

  • herojig

    great update, but I lost system audio (my mistake, I uninstalled it from 2021 Camtasia on the same box, and it broke the 2022 install. Now both instances of Camtasia do not have system audio. Ha! But maybe it's my version of Ventura I'm running on this M1... 

    Also, in 2022 the recorded audio from my Blue Yeti is choppy and unsynced. Still works great in 2011. 


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