Camtasia 2022.2.0 (Mac) & Camtasia 2022.1.1 (Win) Released

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  • Avihaa62
    • Camtasia Mac is now a Universal app that fully supports Apple Silicon.
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.
  • Jimojeda7

    Before updating to this new Camtaisa, I was using Camtasia 8, which was released I think in 2016 or so. Anyway, one of the things I LOVED about the old camtasia is the ability to move your recording region around as you needed to.  I HATE that this new Camtasia doesn't give you that ability!  It's like taking a step backwards!

    Please bring that feature back.  It was very useful to be able to grab the corners of the recording region and be able to adjust it up or down as needed while I was recording a screen.

  • Pollus

    PLEASE, release for LINUX!

  • John Terdik

    Where is the link for the download?


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