Camtasia 2022.2.0 (Mac) & Camtasia 2022.1.1 (Win) Released



  • Avihaa62
    • Camtasia Mac is now a Universal app that fully supports Apple Silicon.
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.
  • Jimojeda7

    Before updating to this new Camtaisa, I was using Camtasia 8, which was released I think in 2016 or so. Anyway, one of the things I LOVED about the old camtasia is the ability to move your recording region around as you needed to.  I HATE that this new Camtasia doesn't give you that ability!  It's like taking a step backwards!

    Please bring that feature back.  It was very useful to be able to grab the corners of the recording region and be able to adjust it up or down as needed while I was recording a screen.

  • Pollus

    PLEASE, release for LINUX!

  • John Terdik

    Where is the link for the download?

  • Aus Payday

    Thank you for sharing the latest updates for Camtasia Windows and Camtasia Mac. It's great to see that there are feature updates and bug fixes included in these releases. The improved support for HEVC-encoded video files on Camtasia Windows and the ability to reverse video clips on Camtasia Mac are definitely noteworthy additions. It's also good to see that there are bug fixes included that address issues with transitions, effects, and media. The quick overview videos you shared are also helpful in demonstrating these updates. Overall, it seems like a solid release for Camtasia users on both Windows and Mac platforms.

  • gustavorosa

    I have 2 licenses for this great software. If you release it for LINUX I will certainly buy another one! Maybe 2! Linux market share is increasing and will continue to do so! Techsmith would profit a lot doing a Linux version.

    PLEASE, release for LINUX!

  • Ua1243712

    To find the most up-to-date information about software releases, I recommend visiting the official TechSmith website or checking other reliable sources for the latest news and updates on Camtasia."Tea of Life" is not a specific term or product that I'm familiar with. They should provide details about any recent releases, including Camtasia 2022.2.0 for Mac and Camtasia 2022.1.1 for Windows.

  • Garagedoorsfranklin

    amtasia, a popular screen recording and video editing software, has released two new versions: Camtasia 2022.2.0 for Mac and Camtasia 2022.1.1 for Windows. These updates bring various improvements and enhancements to enhance the user experience and provide additional features. Here are some highlights of the releases:

    Camtasia 2022.2.0 for Mac:

    • Improved performance and stability for smoother editing and rendering free
    • Enhanced multi-track editing capabilities, allowing users to work with multiple media files and effects more efficiently.
    • Updated visual effects and transitions, providing users with more creative options to enhance their videos.
    • Expanded media library with new royalty-free assets, including stock music, video intros, lower thirds, and more.
    • Enhanced export options, allowing users to export their videos in a variety of formats and resolutions, optimized for different platforms and devices.
  • Paintbeast128

    Camtasia 2022.2.0 for Mac and Camtasia 2022.1.1 for Windows have been released, bringing several improvements and features to the popular screen recording and video editing software.

    In Camtasia 2022.2.0 (Mac), users can expect enhancements such as improved media bin organization, enhanced visual effects, better media playback, and increased stability. The update also includes bug fixes and performance optimizations to provide a smoother experience for Mac users to macco

    For Camtasia 2022.1.1 (Windows), the release focuses on bug fixes and stability improvements. Users can benefit from a more reliable software performance, addressing issues that may have been present in previous versions.


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