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Snagit 2023 Now Available!



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  • Me

    I just upgraded and similar to this post, I'm missing my library.  My library is a Dropbox folder.  I see the files in it but they won't load in the 2023 version. Please advise.


    Update: I changed the location to a bogus folder and swtiched it back to the Dropbox folder.  The app asked me if I wanted to merge the folders, I clicked "okay" and now it works correctly.

  • Post

    I am installing on Windows 11 now (21H2 (system build 22000.1098), and checked for Uninstall older version. The Uninstall never finish. Progress bar has stopped, and information text is "Uninstalling older version of Snagit.
    It is still the same after 30 minutes.

  • Post

    I was probably not patient enough. Uninstall finnished at alst, but I have to enter Software key, even thou it is upgrade.

  • bsohn

    FYI: The audio in the bottom two videos in this announcement link do not work for me (Visualize Your Ideas and Share with Anyone). The audio in the top video does work (Capture Create Connect). I have tried it on 2 computers using 2 browsers and on an iPad and get the same result. I am assuming there is audio since there is an audio graphic.
    Upgrade to the Latest Version | Snagit | TechSmith

  • gilbertshort

    Snagit checking for updates hangs for days. Update seems to be trying to install. Uses 10Gb of memory. Just sits there. 

  • Mark Jermanski

    My software maintenance expires 11/29/2022, yet I still do not get the update option to download the new version. Why?

  • Emily Butker

    Is there a way to move the Screen Draw box around on the screen when recording video or just remove it when not using it for a video? It blocks a section of my narration script on my other monitor.

  • StopMessingWithWhatWorks!

    Where can we find a change log of features and design elements which were changed in 2023 vs 2021? After the 2022 cluster with removing ability to sort/filter by date, month, site, app in the organizer, I have zero trust with SnagIt updates.

  • Sharon Paulson

    I'm trying to open Snagit, but keep getting this message.

  • Sharon Paulson

    I can't find SnagIt open anywhere in order to close it. Can anyone help locate what it's talking about?

  • Sharon Paulson

    I found it.

  • Derek Wilde

    When my colleague opens up Snagit capture 2022, they get the error saying Library Missing...
    Snagit could not locate the library at.............. FQDN....
    This was the colleagues home drive on our network.
    They have now been migrated to OneDrive, and the network location has been deleted.

    There are some posts saying that you can change the library location, but this isn't available in 2022 version.

    Is the registry location of the library contained in Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\TechSmith\SnagIt\22\LibraryStoreDirectory 

    Any assistance would be appreciated.




  • Blake

    Every update I pray you add a keyboard shortcut to increase text size.

    I see there is Bigger,Smaller in Text menu now. But no shortcut is bound. Please add one.

  • Seomasters196

    12 January 2023: Snagit 2023.0.3. the version is available now whit many more features. 


  • Gary

    When I check for updates it never stops searching for any update. I finally cancel out and stop it.

  • i1patrick

    Snagit Editor 2023 -- STILL no toolbar option to quickly set CANVAS COLOR

    So, we have another new release of Snagit where the Editor lacks a very simple feature that has been requested by customers dozens if not hundreds of times:  


    There's no logical reason why on nearly every image I edit with Snagit Editor, I need to perform a five-step process to change the color of the canvas under my image. 

    1.  Manually right-click on the image
    2.  Select "Canvas color..."
    3.  Select the drop down
    4.  Select white
    5.  Click OK

    I am forced to take those same five steps on nearly every image I edit in Snagit.

    Simply adding the OPTION for a toolbar button to apply a white canvas with one click (and ideally another button for transparent) would solve 95% of this problem.

    Why has TechSmith so consistently ignored users who've made this very simple request for YEARS of using Snagit as an image editor?  We're not asking for a major redesign of Snagit Editor here.  Just the option to have one more button on the toolbar to save me from repeating this oddly inefficient action over and over and over.

    I've used Snagit for MANY years and paid for the upgrades for nearly every release.  But I can promise right now that until this annoyance is solved (and this change request is so simple it could be done by a TechSmith coder during his or her lunch break), I will not be buying any Snagit upgrades of any kind.

    [Corollary item:  There also still isn't even a setting in Snagit Editor to apply a DEFAULT canvas color to the editor so new images start up with whatever canvas color a user would most often need.  The canvas color for new images is apparently related to the current lunar phase and changes throughout the month.]



  • Omarbalula

    nagit good


  • peter_fa24

    I have Snagit installed on Windows and now have it installed on a mac mini M2. I want to import the windows library into the mac mini. So far I have seen that from the mac mini, the image backup files are grayed out and cannot be selected. How can I do it?

    Are the files compatible between Windows and Mac?
    I have Snagit 2021 on Windows and 2020 on Mac


  • Michael J. Babcock, MCP

    I upgraded to Camtasia 2023 today and now my headset microphone (Plantronics Poly BT600) is no longer working with Camtasia nor SnagIt.  Also restarted my Windows machine today and it took 40 minutes to reboot so not sure if some sort of Windows issue or not?

    How can I reconfigure my C&Sit apps to test/use the BT600 microphone?  It's showing in the dropdown and I select it but no audio gets recorded.  Plenty of battery left in mic too.


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