Camtasia Mac 2022.4.1 - Released October 28, 2022

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  • Nakaru87

    It depends on which version of Camtasia you have. You can do this by having the text on one layer, the background on another layer, and grouping together. You then would be able to adjust the size of the group and the text and boxes would adjust accordingly.


  • abdelamek derouich


    problème de son dans Camtasia 2022 après la mise à jour vers Macos Ventura 13.0  

  • Mazen.Kilani

    I updated to 2022.4.1 and suddenly Camtasia audio disappears when a microphone is attached for recording. If I turn the microphone off, Camtasia plays the audio as before. In the prior version, one can record and listen to audio without any problem. An on Voice Narration I tried with turning the switch to mute the speakers on/off and it did not make any difference.


    MacOS Ventura 13.0

    How can I reverse this new feature, I cannot keep turning the microphone on to record, then off to listen to what I recorded? 


  • info

    2202.4.1 for mac

    Audio plug-ins fail to install with error. What is Rogue Amoeba Software? Is that why I can't install it?


    Mac Pro2019(Intel)

  • Faisallkhan611

    good work

  • Haney2902

    Sound modules neglect to introduce with mistake. What is Rebel Single adaptable cell Programming? Is that why I can't introduce it?


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