Install of Snagit 2023 on iMac Pro issue ...


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  • Dkoliha

    Arrrggghhhh!  I decided to take a novel approach to solving my issue, and went to the TechSmith video tutorial for installing Snagit.  I learned that the image where you are supposed to drag the Snagit icon onto the Applications folder (with the alias checkmark) is already linked to your Mac's Applications folder. Duh! 

    So instead of dragging the Snagit icon down to my iMac's application folder on the right side of the dock, you only need to drag the icon onto the alias folder in the same installation window. Could not be any easier!  The Snagit 2023 app now shows as an app in both my Applications folder in my dock, and in the Finder's Application list.

    To summarize the fix ...



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