Cloud Settings for Snagit 2023


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  • Luke Griffioen


    Sorry about your experiences with the cloud library. By default, choosing a cloud location in root/Snagit, but you can browse using the folder browser choice at the bottom of the cloud library chooser window and choose anywhere you want. It sounds like that's what's crashing for you?

    The Snagit folder is required to be synced locally, otherwise we can't see the files. You can do a selective sync and leave all of your other folders on demand and only sync the snagit folder.

    You mention that you need cloud library but regret migrating to 2023, were you using cloud library successfully in a prior version?

  • chouseworth
    Okay, I have included images showing the sequence of what I tried to do setting up a subdirectory under the root of my Google drive. I have had crashes when I clicked save on the fourth step.  This time it is giving me an out of space error.  I am on a MacBook Pro with 550g of empty space.  Any help would be appreciated.



  • Luke Griffioen

    How much free space does Finder say you have if you switch to the google drive folder on the sidebar? Mine shows quite a bit less free space than my mac has.


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