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Display Name change impact


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    Paul Middlin

    To answer this accurately, I must first explain that during 2023, Screencast is doing an infrastructure upgrade. This means that you may be using the new Screencast, or you may be using "Screencast Classic". The easiest way to tell is if you see the "Screencast Classic" logo in the upper left:

    So, the answer is different, depending on which you are using, because this is actually one of the things we improved with the new Screencast, over Screencast Classic:

    In Screencast Classic:

    • YES, changing your display name will break ALL previous URLs that you've given out
    • No, there is no way to hide the display name

    In the new Screencast:

    • NO, changing your display name will NOT break any of your URLs
    • Also, changing this display name will not affect Screencast Classic or its URLs
    • This is still no way (as of this writing in January 2023) to hide the display name under the media on the view page.


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