what is best practice to use review to manage comments and changes?


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  • Paul Middlin

    You're right that you can switch between versions at the top, and that the comments are intentionally segregated between versions. The reason for this was that the comments only apply to the version that they were commented on, and more, that the time stamps only apply to that version. That is, you may make a v2 that is longer, or shorter, than the first version and there isn't really a way for Video Review to know where that time was inserted to offset the comments.

    However, it's really interesting to hear about your use case!

    I can see how your reviewers are interested in verifying that their feedback was incorporated. Am I understanding correctly that they'd like to somehow be able to look back through the comments/reviews that they made on the previous version and check off or verify that each of the items have been addressed to their satisfaction?

  • jeff conn


    Thank you for your thoughtful reply.

    Yes, the concern is about how reviewers can identify and verify the incorporation of their change requests --in a more simplified manner than switching between versions. 

    I see your point about time stamp alteration in a revision.

    Interesting problem. I hope Camtasia team will put on their thinking caps for this one and solve my concern.


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