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Quiz result timing



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  • Robert R.
    Hello Alexis;

    In your survey results email (which should be sent around 9PM each day) you will have a link to our Results service that you can check for near-immediate results. You cannot change the frequency of the email that is sent, but you can log into that unique link to see results faster.

  • chtgrego
    Can you just add an enhancement to allow for immediate results?  How can you check faster if you have to wait for the email to get the unique URL?  Or is there just one unique URL that is created the first time and while emails only send once a day, the link is the same?
  • robert.hayward
    Agree. Posting a quiz and then having to wait till evening to get a link that will add the results to is a real pain. Detracts from the value of the quiz service. The results are actually available and tallied. But one can't see them until they can be linked to one's Results portfolio. And the activation link is sent out only the evening after the first quiz session. 

    This forces me to have everything perfect, uploaded and tested more than a day before I have students do the quiz. Not realistic in a busy medical school!
  • blanca.ibarra
    That is exactly what I do. I have it ready and tested 24 hours in advance only to be able to view the real time results when I need them.

    Would it be possible to get the link instantly when you export the video with the quiz? 
  • Jon Morey

    Have you all not been able to get this fixed in 5 years?  Is there a solution yet or still just the work-around?


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