WebP file extension?


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  • TomLitchfield
    Yes, we need webp support.
  • 4evermaat
    I made a request here, but didn't realize that someone had already made the request.  Surprised more programs are not adopting this new format, as it can save 20-50% off of png.  Their lossy format seems to hold much better than jpeg or png.  The lossless format is still about 15-20% smaller than png, AFTER using pngout.

    I'm impressed.  It looks like it can be the new png, if it gets wide adoption.
  • davek
    It has been 7 YEARS since the first request for .webp support in Snagit and still nothing.  What's up with that?  Same for .jfif and a few others.
  • Andrey Mamontov
    7 years - incredible. Now there are already a lot of images on the internen in this format. The best screenshot software... that means best only for capture? Windows 10 captures very well too.
  • Susan Winters

    Now that Google is making Page Speed a priority in ranking factors for 2021- we are being instructed to convert all image files to WebP. If SnagIt can't do it, I'm going to have to start using a different software on the daily. PLEASE TECHSMITH - RESPOND TO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nathalie

    Wow, Snagit is still not supporting Webp image file extensions? Can't believe a request was made so long ago. Webp has become more and more popular on web pages. Why is taking so long? Is anybody from Tech Support reading these comments?

  • mbdevaney

    Please support WebP.  Not having this support is adding extra steps to my workflow.

  • Joe Evans

    Sending quick video tips is one of the main uses of SnagIt for me, but I'm stuck with .mp4 and huge file sizes unless I convert myself.  This pushes me back to the excellent Vimeo Chrome extension that allows me to quickly download in WebP.  If this is still not supported when I next renew, I'm not sure I will bother.

  • Martin Prokop


    please support WebP.

    Thank you

  • Martin Schou

    One more vote for webp.

  • Anders Oure

    Techsmith are you sleeping?
    Please support WebP

  • admin

    It appears the trend of using WEBP images on websites is growing rapidly. Is there any plan to give Snagit the ability to edit WEBP images, and to save them to different file formats? We need the ability to convert WEBP to JPEG or PNG. It also looks like we will have to be able to convert our existing images to WEBP format to satisfy Google. This will be an important product improvement Snagit is my go-to image editing software. I would hate to have to buy another software for image editing. Thank you.

  • Someone2345

    Welp...  still wondering why I should bother upgrading again (year after year) - and apparently after 10 years you still don't handle Webp...  so I guess, there really is no reason to upgrade

  • staylor

    Another vote for webp

  • tinkererguy

    And another vote for webp support, from a 13+ year Snagit/Snagit Editor user.

    The length of time this request hasn't been responded to or even better developed is concerning.


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