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HTTPS for Screencast?



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    Would love an answer on this please!
  • Dubie
    HTTPS is there on

    For what ever reason that have not flipped the switch to redirect to it.

    For now this is what I have found. Firefox and Chrome.

    Add the https:// to the screencast url(s) and it will make the secure connection.

    Now here is a screwy part. If you log in with the normal link ( http://)
    Your share links will be of the unsecure http but,

    If you log in using or one of my links would be
    https:// - Dubie

    The share links are https also.  Go figure ??

    So anyway I can only make my own assumptions as to what the hold up is. This pretty much is a requirement these days.


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    Ultimately the end user (my customer) should be able to put in**** or just******* and screencast should flip it automatically to****
  • Paul Donahue
    As of today (May 15, 2019) we have made a change to Screencast where it will automatically redirect any requests to to use HTTPS.

    Any share links generated by Snagit and Camtasia have already defaulted to using HTTPS for some time now.
    Thanks Paul and well done to the team for acting on this feedback, much appreciated!

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