Paying for Video Review?


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    Hi Dee

    Nobody is forcing you to use Video Review. It's totally optional.

    Your last paragraph seems to suggest that you might be misunderstanding what Video Review actually is. TechSmith does offer That service offers a nice easy way to create a totally free account and their products all seamlessly upload what you capture or create to this service.

    Video Review is something completely new that they have spent lots of time creating. I'm willing to bet they have a team of folks dedicated to just that product. As such, those folks need to eat and have shelter same as the folks that work on SnagIt or Camtasia.

    Video Review allows uploading video content just like ScreenCast does, but the difference is that you are able to gather feedback from clients. Note that I mentioned "clients". The service is intended for folks that are creating videos that are likely being sold to a client, and the clients can comment on suggested changes, likes, dislikes, etc. And those comments are sent back and forth via email messages. That's where it really differs from

    Cheers... Rick :)

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