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  • LWDGrfx
    I just wanted to add that I have run into this problem as well.  I would *love* to be able to keep track of - in 'Recent Captures' more than 20 images.

    Also that I *really* love Snagit - and have used it multiple times a day since ~2004. I don't know what I would do without it! 
  • theory.adem
    Yes, I would really appreciate a way to increase that number or recent files in the Library. It is awkward to work with only 25 elements.
  • bart2
    Click " View" ---"Library" ---"recent captures" 

    and you should be able to find everything in there.
    its awesome

    Kind regards
  • Adam Hughes
    Bart .. that is the library .. NOT the Recent Captures at bottom of edit window.  Of course I can find all my old captures there .. but I am SPECIFICALLY talking about the recent captures bar.  I capture maybe 40 images and then want to work quickly through them.  Going back and forth to the Library is not quick AND if you click on COPY on an image in the library is does not paste and image just some funny SNAG file.
  • linnet
    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Need endless recent captures in tray.

    I'm using an older version of Snagit at work, and love the fact that I can keep unlimited "recents" in my tray. In the newest versions of Snagit, I hate having to go to the library to find something. (and back and forth). I just want to scroll down through my tray and have instant access to whatever I want. Couldn't this at least be an option for thumbnail-hoarders like me?
  • Hi all - thanks for sharing this request and the reasons it would be helpful to you. An infinite capture tray is not planned at this time but that could change as more people request it here. 

    @Adam - does the Export option at the bottom right corner of Library help with getting the desired subset of captures out of Snagit?

    Side note: dragging the captures out of Library should be saving as PNG in the location you drag to...but it looks like it's saving as SNAG. I wrote up an issue for our developers to look into that.
  • Adam Hughes
    @Daniel .. most people have NOT asked for an infinite capture tray JUST a reasonable number.
    Is there any reason why you could not set the limit to for example 100?
    15 just such a small number of captures.

    I browse through a piece of work .. snag items ... and then review and annotate each.  Often have 40 Snags or more.

    Please please please allow 100 Snags.

    Is there any reason why you can't do this. I am guessing it must be one small change in the validation in the Setting screen.

    @Daniel .. regarding Export .. why when I 'copy' an item in the library does it 'paste' as a .snag file .. why would I want that.  I would have thought people would want to Paste and image .. NOT a snag file that has no purpose.
    Select and image ... copy it ... go to Word for example and Paste image.  That is a common requirement when creating a document.

    If I Drag an image that has some annotation it drags as a .snag file .. not an image.
  • Adam Hughes
    @Daniel ..  Daniel Foster .. Please could you reply. .. many thanks

    Is there any reason why the number of Recent Captures could not be changed from 15 to 100.
    Only one person has asked for unlimited and I can see why that is an issue.
    As a developer myself I am guessing that it is 'simply' just a change to the validation in settings.  
    If it affects the performance of low spec PCs you could put a warning in.
    Please please please please can you do this?
  • I am not a developer but, from what I recollect of how the feature works, all these open captures are open in memory.  
  • Adam Hughes
    @Daniel .. Yes .. but they do not take up much memory and PCs have tons of memory these days (I have 32GB) .. so should not be an issue.
    SnagIt used to allow a LOT more Recent Captures.
    How can I progress this and get a resolution.  15 is a very small number. 100 please.  The default can be left at 15.
    (or tell me where I can hack it in the registry or somewhere).

    Also .. note my other comment about Export .. if you drag and drop an image from the library that has been annotated it pastes as a .snag file and not an image .. which is useless (most of the time).  If it has not been annotated it pastes as an image.
  • Adam Hughes
    @Daniel .. I was hoping you would discuss internally an maybe feedback????
    SnagIt used to support a lot more captures in Recent.
  • Mason Foley

    Add me to the list of people that need more flexibility here.  I test software as well and capture a lot of images as I go through my work.  It's a great way of taking notes during exploratory testing.  Limiting the tray to 15 seems incredibly limiting.  Not really sure I understand the concern that keeps this figure so low.  This really needs to be bumped up.  A competitor pretty much has unlimited  but as others have said, not looking for that necessarily.  Certainly more than 15.

  • Adam Hughes

    See SnagIt team .. Mason shows a great example of why a larger number are needed.  
    I review applications my team has been working on ..

    1. I work through an application and Snag as I go

    2. Review items in Recent Captures and annotate

    3. Paste into email or document.

    Doing this in Recent captures is QUICK .. doing it in Library is SLOW.

    A good UX is designed to meet the needs of it's users .....................

    @Mason apparently the 15 in Preferences only affects the number of FILES displayed in Recent Files in the Files menu .. not

    SnagIt Used to allow users to specify how many are in Recent Captures or Open Captures

    Recent Captures

    ...... Come on SnagIt ..........

  • Adam Hughes

    @Mason if you need to work on a lot of Captures .. you can go to library and select them all and select Open from right mouse button menu.  They are all sent to the recent Captures window :-)  (clunky workaround)

  • Reid

    I agree with this request. A single flurry of snags bumps a lot of what I was working on off the list. 15 is far too few. If it's a memory issue, then the user can keep a low limit. I'm happy to use my excess RAM for a higher limit.

  • shawn javanovich

    I hate this limit.  Should be all saved in a folder with unlimited number.  I try to go back and see an old capture with mods and they are gone.  Just save everything in a folder.  Open the folder and scroll bar all images.

  • Adam Hughes

    Hi .. despite numerous posts .. TechSmith does not seem to be listening to its power users.  They just suggest workarounds that are not straight forward.  To me it seems so simple.


    SnagIt used to support a lot more captures in Recent Captures in Editor Mode on the bottom bar.

  • RobNadar


    As many of us are requesting, please increase the "Recent Captures". This is a very basic request and easy to make changes.

    I love SnagIt and using on a daily basis from 2004. I have been also updating the version very two years and ability to increase the "Recent Capture" is the main feature I will look for before buying the next version.


    As a developer, I can tell you that this is an easy enhancement and please discuss with development team. May be provide us the feedback as someone else asked?

  • base jumper

    Blindingly obvious that the number of thumbnails on the strip at the bottom of the editor is just way too small.

    Amazed that Snagit support doesn't see the point straight away, instead of directing users to tedious work arounds - that they will already have worked out for themselves, and found wanting.

    Having to move between the editor and the library is the one major drawback with Snagit.  And it is a BIG drawback.

    Hard to reconcile the overall quality of the product with the crassness of this user-unfriendly bottleneck.  It cannot be a technical issue.  Someone is making poor decisions.  Or else just not listening.

  • Adam Hughes

    Base Jumper .. I have got FED UP with asking for this.  TechSmith do not seem to care.  I have been asking for this for years.  They talk about memory usage etc.  Not true.  Let the user choose the amount and if there is a memory issue warn them with a popup if they choose more than X number.

  • Disturbedenergy

    Are there any updates on this issue? I couldn't agree more that we should have more flexibility in the number of recent items to show. Given that it was once an option, apparently at some point, TechSmith agreed. With all due respect, when deprecating existing functionality, whichever org is responsible for such decisions, they really need to consider the impact on existing users. The inability to have more recents won't turn me away from Snagit, but as more existing features are removed, it certainly does make me question whether or not it is an essential tool or not.

  • Ryan Schmitz

    Add me to this list!!! I capture images as a checklist of things to do and need more available entries.

    As a side note if possible when someone clicks the 'x' to close a recent image if the scroll bar position could be captured such that it does not jump all the way back to the start of the recent list when one of the images is closed.

  • Daniel

    I'm using snagit on a daily base for the last 6 years as Art Director, its painful and frustrating to see that the limit is still set at 15 and I loose occasionally feedback that ends up in the library. We are on NVME drives and have at least 64GB on our machines. I don't see how the hardware is the limitation here. 
    Please let us know when we can enter higher values here.
    thanks a lot

  • linnet

    I'd like to add my vote to this again. I still begrudge having a mere 1 row under the editor window, and to see the ones just out of view I have to arrow through, can't even "point and click" a couple rows down. Going to the library and searching for a recent capture seems to put me in a very non-user-friendly situation, which doesn't align well with my vision of Snagit. Do we need to be chiming in on some "new feature suggestion" list for this, since it's now been quite a while since Snagit was downgraded in this respect?

    (It really is a serious downgrade for your hard-core users!)


  • RobNadar

    This request to increase the recent captures was raised more than 2 years back.. I develop training course ware and it is very difficult to work with just 15.  It feels like I am in pre-mainframe time of 1970s! I have been using SNAGIT from 2007 and I remember to have more recent captures than 15. TECHSMITH should have "enhanced" this feature to limit 15 to save their user's computer memory (!).

    I look for alternate products when the provider gives a middle figure to their user community requests. I am open to any suggestion to move on! Also, not renewing SNAGIT annual subscription until this is corrected!


  • Reid

    Assuming there is some technical reason why expanding the current 15 capture limit is frowned upon in its current state, can't another approach be taken? Why not have a temporary/save folder under the SnagIt folder hierarchy that actually *saves* every capture? Drive space is cheap (much cheaper than RAM), and eliminates the memory concern. 

    When I scan things on my copier, everything is saved in a folder with a filename comprising todays date and a consecutive number. You could easily allow options to limit the space takes in a FIFO method, or disable the feature entirely. 

    I'm trying to give you guys the benefit of the doubt, but am getting frustrated at your lack of any meaningful reply to the topic.


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