snagit does not support Rode NT-USB mic


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  • GaryBauer
    Sorry you are having problems with your Rode USB Mic. I've verified that Snagit 64 bit build 4960 works with Plantronics, Logitech and Bluemic Yeti. All external USB microphones.
  • stephensterry853
    This is just a stab in the dark.

    Have you tried lowering the maximum frequency level of the Mic in Properties?
    Or adjusting exclusive mode?

  • hasalem.89

    Hello everyone,

    I have the same problem with Camtasia and i have Rode USB Boadcaster.
    I Can't fix it the recording and Camtasia Recording sounds horrible however, it is very good in Audacity, OBS and other software but Camtasia isn't working properly.

    I have sent the support team email and hoping for feedback.

    Please keep update on the topic please?

  • GaryBauer

    Verify that the Export audio setting encoding rate is set to a reasonable rate - 128kbps. the Rode driver may have adjusted the value - just a guess.


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