MP4 Video Failed To Produce in Camtasia 9


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  • george

    Without considerably more information, we may as well be looking into a bush!

    What are the differences between the two systems?  Something as simple as a difference in the Windows version could be a clue - e.g. Windows 10, version 1903 or 1909?  Are the video and sound hardware and drivers the same?
  • SSA-Ed
    Trec files are media files that are used to create a project file (.tscproj) which you can then render to an MP4 file. i.e pull the Trec file into a Camtasia's media bin, put it on the time line then render it.
  • rg
    I recommend submitting a ticket to Support, including key information about your system:  Windows version (including release); memory size; processor speed; graphics card (make, model, memory).
    I would also try using the Windows Task Manager to shut down potentially competing programs (e.g. for some unknown reason I have been experiencing issues arising from Windows Media Player showing up as multiple ghost processes).
  • stephensterry853
    The error might be on you.
    I see people create their own problems by building their own computers.

    I agree with RG about contacting tech support.

    Its a free service.Camtasia 9 supported is limited to e-mail support only. Start by opening a ticket.
     Submit a ticket


  • mridzon
    Thanks folks, I'll just submit a ticket.  I've used Camtasia successfully for years until now, so I'm not exactly a novice.  IT recently issued me a new PC  (no, I'm not building my own PC) and I'm loading software onto it.  I didn't figure Camtasia would be so fickle about hardware specs from one system to the next.  Nevertheless, I'll submit the ticket.
  • mridzon
    Update in case anyone strolls through here looking for a solution to a similar problem...I worked with TechSmith support.  After many different attempts, we concluded "Watchguard Threat Detection and Response" was the problem.  I never intentionally installed this small piece of software, but it was causing the issue.  It must have been covertly piggybacked onto another software package I installed recently.  Nevertheless, I uninstalled it from the Control Panel and everything works great now.
  • Rickstone1975
    Hopefully you will get some relief with Tech Support. If you do, please come back and update this thread with what you did that corrected the issue.

    As you mention that IT issued you a new PC, it's also worth investigating the permissions of things. I know that in my previous professional life as a corporate drone, I used software similar to Camtasia that required my IT folks to grant certain permissions in order for my specialized software to work.

    Not that Camtasia is "specialized", but only that it's not likely that the "run of the mill" or "corporate stamp" setup will have Camtasia as a standard part of what your IT staff configures most of the users with. It's not uncommon for them to lock things down to the point where certain software doesn't function correctly. And if that software isn't  part of what they created and tested to ensure everything works, well...

    Best of luck to you! Rick :)

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