When will be available integration with OneDrive



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  • Chris Larson

    We currently don't have plans to add an integration with OneDrive on the Mac version of Snagit this year due to the limited demand for it that we've seen. But we can always change that if there is a strong need for it. The first step to that was to make the request visible to others, so now that you've created this Question here, we can see if it gets more responses and "Me Too"/upvotes.

    That said, I do have a workaround that has served me with the current version of Snagit:
    https://www.screencast.com/t/cXRixiclUe9n (1:35)

    Basically, if you have OneDrive installed on your Mac, you can use Snagit to the automatically syncing folder. If you just want to save off a file for later, just click the share button and the OneDrive app will handle the rest and sync it up to your OneDrive cloud for you. If you want to share a file with a link, you can take that second step and get the link from the menu bar.
  • david
    Hi, I want the same on Windows, but when I click the plus I'm just redirtected to this site: https://support.techsmith.com/hc/de/articles/115002022732?utm_source=product&utm_medium=snagit&a...

    How can I create custom outputs to my sync folders (iCloud and OneDrive) in Windows?

  • jcourteau

    Thanks for the work around Chris Larson! Not perfect, but better than nothing.
    One side note, is there a known issue with screencast mp4 playback on Firefox on Mac?
    That link you shared only loaded the thumb, I had to open in Chrome to get playback to begin :/

    Sigh. Monday.

  • Luke Griffioen


    I tried that link in Firefox 83.0 for Mac and it's working for me, are you still seeing issues with it?

  • Tobias Pjedsted

    I was using monosnap before but as the last update crashed I was going to try a new screen recording software and found Snagit.

    After I purchased it I was a bit surprised that there was no option for either OneDrive or AWS S3 that I use today

    So I hope in the near future that OneDrive or AWS S3 will be an option as they are one of the major players when it comes to storing files

    Not sure Snagit good solution for me if I cannot store my recording in either OneDrive or AWS S3 without of course doing complicated workarounds.

    Looking forward to an update on this matter.

  • David Willcox

    I also am interested in there being an integration for OneDrive for Snagit.

  • Chris Larson

    We just released Snagit 2022 with OneDrive support (among other systems) for both Windows and Mac. Definitely give it a try and tell us what you think.



  • Luke Griffioen

    Just to clarify, this support is for syncing your library across machines via OneDrive. This does not include a share destination to OneDrive on the Mac side.

  • Ganesh


    Asks to sign in with admin account ?

    Need admin approval

    OneDrive for Business Output

    OneDrive for Business Output needs permission to access resources in your organisation that only an admin can grant. Please ask an admin to grant permission to this app before you can use it.


    Why there is no integration to OneDrive like Google drive. I don't have OneDrive business account

  • Rob Quickenden

    Camtasia 2022 still has only Google Drive Integration. When will  (please can we have) support for OneDrive and OneDrive for Business.


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