camtasia destroys the quality of the pictures during the transition


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  • SSA-Ed
    What version of Camtasia are you using? On the time line where does the fade begin and end?
  • Victor cti
    camtasia 2019
    And yes, it does begin and end.
  • SSA-Ed
    Your time line is 5 minutes and 23 seconds long, at what time does the fade start, and at what time does it end?  Better yet, can produce what you have and share to - don't forget to post the link here.
  • stephensterry853
    I cannot determine what may be occurring. By the screen shots provided. A shot of the timeline would provide greater insight into your actual workflow.

    I would start by disabling "Use Trimmed Content In Transitions" in editor preferences.

    Does that help?
    If not, can you provide a screen shot of the timeline or a brief video showing your workflow?



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