Concerned about freezing laging and crashing Camtasia Mac 2019.0.6


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  • William E Raymond
    We had some other people post this question and I’ve also been working for a long time with support. I think we all know the best workarounds to keep it running longer, so check out this thread.
  • david
    If all else fails, and the workarounds Bill mentions don't help you, try transcoding your media files to some generic format that Camtasia won't choke on. I just had to do this today, on Windows, using Handbrake, and I've had to do it frequently. The original file and the output file have the same FPS, use the same codecs, and have approximately the same compression. The original file causes Camtasia to choke and the "converted" file doesn't.

    Shouldn't happen on a mature product, and TS claims it's "rare," but it's a common complaint on this forum so it can't be that rare.


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