Snagit Mac Version Missing Spotlight Feature!


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    Luke Griffioen

    Hi folks,

    Thank you for your patience, I have some good news for you! Today we shipped version 2021.4.0 and it now includes a spotlight tool! For anyone coming over from Windows, this is now a tool instead of an effect, but it lets us do some cool things like coalescing multiple spotlights. I hope you all enjoy having this on Mac now!

  • Anıl Yuvalı


  • Luke Griffioen


    Snagit Mac is almost 20 years younger than Windows, so there are still a few things we are catching up on. I don't have a timeline for you, but this is a feature we hope to add.

  • jspeaks

    Need this today. Voting it up!

  • russell.reynolds

    I want spotlight on the Mac too please!!!


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