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What happened to the forums?


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  • Rick Stone

    Hi there

    I believe TechSmith had their hand forced and had to make a switch before they were totally ready. Likely something changed with GetSatisfaction. 

    You will need to subscribe to the forum categories here in the new forums in order to see messages.

    You will likely be interested in step 6 at the link below.

  • Graphicious

    Thanks. I followed the forums I'm interested in. Things seem pretty disorganised at the moment, none of the old links work.

  • Rick Stone

    New things always feel a bit uncomfortable. Especially when they are a bit of a departure from the way they once were.

    The good news is that we'll all get through it! We have a 100% track record of doing so!

  • Heliousgeorge

    cool thanx


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