Please add a feature to create custom image templates for Snagit.


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  • rmacbeth

    I also would like to be able to create my own template to fit my needs for both Mac and Windows. (I use Mac base most of the time)

  • hjoelr

    Agreed. This is the next logical feature that would be very useful.

  • Georgina Christodoulou

    I agree. The ability to create my own stylised templates would be very useful.

  • smarquina

    Spent valuable time looking for this only to discover it's not available. Really? Sigh...disappointed :-(

  • Lindsey

    Agreed - If I am creating a user guide for any purpose, I always need to have it branded.

    Other similar suggestions:

    • Automatically apply our Theme colors to template
    • Allow saving and reusing templates
    • Option to default to full image sizes instead of cropped.
    • Option to create custom standard elements (headers/footers, logo, etc.) so they can be easily added at the beginning

    Just an example:

  • Julie713

    Ditto to everything Lindsey said.

  • kmurdock

    Add me to the list of agree-ers. I've been waiting for the ability to brand my own templates -- AND HAVE THEM APPEAR IN THE TEMPLATES DIALOG so they can be quickly accessed through the links built into the interface -- since they added templates to Snagit.

  • tony

    Did you add what Lindsey requested yet? How about now?  : )    Please and thanks!

    FYI, as a work around you can

    1. Create an image from Template, customize it
    2. Right click and duplicate it
    3. Tag it 
    4. Then when you want to use the template, just go to Library at the top, left. Search for your custom tag, click on the image and use it from there.

    Not perfect, but it works enough to save some time.

  • Crystal L Thies

    A year later and still no ability to create your own template AND still no default templates for major social media sizes. I don't use Canva, but from what I heard from others, this could be a great competitor IF it had the social media templates and the ability to create your own templates. 

    Also very surprised that there isn't one comment from Techsmith about this issue.


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