Please make it easier to scroll on the timeline


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  • Maggie Wagner

    Agreed. It takes forever to scroll through the video even when zoomed out.

  • Dr. Hans Osthoff


    What would help, imo, is a setting to automatically have the timeline centered at the current playback position and not allow the timeline to go the edge; for example, when cutting part of video you don't want "ahm", you need to scroll back on the timeline a few second, which takes an annoying amount of time when the play position is at the edge of the timeline.

  • StijnVL

    That would both be great improvements! Guys, PLEASE do something about the poor and slow timeline possibilities!

    In addition to the above: I would like to use the second (side) scroll wheel on my mouse to scroll through the timeline... Like I can use it in Excel to scroll sideways...

  • John Blackman

    I would love to be able to scroll through the timeline with my mouse wheel. It's funny because CTRL+mousewheel zooms timeline in and out, but the mousewheel by itself doesn't move the timeline.

  • Jonathan.Nasrallah

    Agreed. Another possible solution would be allowing users to select how many frames are "jumped" each time you press the comma or period buttons. But really any of the solutions listed here would be great. The award, inefficient Timeline navigation is my biggest pet peeve in Camtasia by far. 

  • Tyler Thompson

    Hello, I'm new to Camtasia and found this post while trying to find a solution for navigating the timeline quickly.  I'm using version 2020.0.12 (113623) and after reading these comments found that Shift+mousewheel will scroll the timeline left and right.  I hope this helps someone. 

  • StijnVL

    Indeed it does, Tyler!!! Thanks a lot!
    I can beat myself up for not having tried that one myself! :-)


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