How to change the TechSmith Screencast logo to our own


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    Paul Stanos

    Hi jcampbell,

    Unfortunately the custom branding is only supported on the page for viewing content. The main library and folder views do not allow you to replace the branding.

    I'd like to better understand your use case so that I can provide any alternatives. What concerns do you have about having the Screencast branding on these pages?

    Paul Stanos Engineer

  • Info

    Paul, i have the same concern and need as jcampbell.  

    If we want to send a folder url or a playlist url to clients, we want everything they see have our branding, currently thats nots the case.

    We don't want to have to send them seperate urls to each video (if the videos all make up a series or course.



    PS.  Ive uploaded my logo jpg to screencast, grabbed the url from the share function from that file and added the logo url to the custom view page, but i just cannot get the logo to display at all anyway. What am i doing wrong?

  • Paul Stanos

    Hi Clint,

    Thank you for your feedback regarding the custom branding feature. We are not currently looking to extend this feature to the library page, but perhaps I can offer an alternative. When viewing public folders, there are navigation controls below the media to switch between media in the folder, ordered alphabetically by title. You could direct users to the first media item in the folder and instruct your users to go to the next video in your series by using those navigation controls.

    As for why your image does not work, you'll want to make sure the URL ends in an extension used for images. For example, .png or .jpg. If this is not the case, the browser will not know how to display the image. The URLs we provide in the share dialog will not be sufficient for this purpose.

    Let me know if this helps!


    Paul Stanos Engineer

  • Julie

    Clint  - the share link won't work, but click to 'View" then click the image itself to show the url in the address bar with the file extension. 



  • Info

    Thanks Paul,  Ive just tested your suggestion, it may suffice, a shame that the custom branding on the view page doesn't apply to Playlists.


    Thanks Julie, i tried your suggestion and now my logo appears on the content view pages.


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