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  • Paul Middlin

    It sounds like you want to try out our Knowmia Pro service that has more analytics about the users that view it (or at least, that's an option). 

    But, your suggestion for making a quiz to ask for email works well too.


  • Phil_Baskey


    We are using the quiz/email option.  However, when I look at "Views" for a given video, it contains more than the number listed in the report that I get through the email.  Is there another way in Screencast to generate reports showing all views?

  • Paul Middlin

    The report you get is for quiz submissions. You probably have some viewers who do not submit the quiz.

    There isn't a way to generate a report about viewers in Screencast, though all the report would contain is the view count you're already looking at.

    I'm interested to learn more about how you wish you could use this. What is your business? Why do you want to know when viewing has started, etc?

  • Phil_Baskey

    We're a heavy civil construction firm.  Due to COVID and the geographically diverse nature of our workforce (most of our folks are in the field all the time) we've been converting instructor-led content to videos that can be accessed remotely 24/7.  We use Camtasia to produce the videos from PowerPoint mp4 video files.  At a minimum, each video contains one question.  Our thought was to use the completion of that quiz question to capture video completions.  However, that one question is not always at the end of the video.  We may need to revisit moving them all to the end of the videos.  Some videos have a full-blown quiz of 10 - 20 questions, all at the end.  We're really concerned with documenting the completion of the entire video, not those who only watched a portion.  We have an LMS, but it's not easy for our folks to access, so we're not currently using it to launch courses and capture completions.  That's why we don't turn on the SCORM option.  We just use the email option to capture completions.

    Thoughts?  Suggestions?

  • Paul Middlin

    That makes a lot of sense. Thank you for taking the extra time to explain your context!

    I can see why you'd use Screencast or Knowmia as a simple/cheap way to verify people really watched the videos (aka took the course).

    I would suggest spreading quiz questions throughout the video. Not so often that it's infuriating, but it helps in a few ways:

    • Questions are timely to the content presented
    • It helps keep people engaged with the content and not distracted
    • They can't just jump to the end and fill out the one quiz
    • You can see who has only completed part of the video (part of the quizzes) 

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