View results come back as "anonymous1" for user who entered their information


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    Paul Stanos

    Hi Michelle,

    If you followed up with our support staff you may have already heard, but I wanted to let you know that we found the root cause for the behavior you experienced. We published a fix late in the day yesterday (around 5 PM EST) to resolve the issue. Unfortunately this isn't retroactive, so anyone showing up as anonymous will remain that way unless they were to resubmit their info on the quiz.

    The issue was that names submitted that contained spaces were incorrectly being sent to the server as anonymous. I mention this in case you'd find this information useful should you need to track down other users that are showing up as anonymous.

    My sincere apologies that you encountered this issue, and I want to thank you for raising it to our attention!

    - Paul Stanos Engineer

  • Paul Stanos

    Hi Michelle,

    I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with the quizzing feature in Screencast. It would be helpful for myself to get more information about the situation in order to narrow down what might be going on here.

    Would you be willing to open a support ticket for this issue? Normally I'd just ask questions here to help look for any issues on our end, but given the public nature of this forum and the possible sensitive nature of that information it would be best to do that in a private ticket.

    Let me know if that's not something you're looking to do at this time, and I will assist as best I can. I can also create the ticket for you if you're not sure how to go about doing that.


    - Paul Stanos Engineer


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