no longer able to upload WEBM formatted videos


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    Robert R.

    Hi S4S and thanks for swinging by the TechSmith User Community-

    Unfortunately this is to be expected as WEBM is not a supported format for and won't properly embed on the site (see here for a list of supported formats for While the files may have worked in the past, they weren't specifically a supported format.

    I'd be curious to know what errors are presented in the Network section of your build of Chromium's developer panel shows (press F12 while viewing a MP4 file that you uploaded to that you know is not able to play in Chromium, then click on the Network tab, refresh the page and press Play on the play window). The reason I ask is because I'm not seeing any issues with MP4 playback in Chromium-based browsers like Brave, Edge, and Vivaldi (latest on all, with either no extensions or at the most, only the LastPass extension running). Do you have a link that you'd be able to share (note, it'll be shared publicly so you may want to take a test recording/production of a section on your desktop and try to upload the resultant MP4 file to Screencast) to see if I can duplicate it specifically with the file you're using?

    Thanks, and hope to hear back soon!


  • S4S

    Thanks Robert
    You state: "Unfortunately this is to be expected as WEBM is not a supported format"
    But I was able to upload these previously and have many WEBM videos hosted on our screencast and these are embedded in a training portal within our software (using Chromium).  I logged a support call when we first started when having trouble with MP4 in Chromium and we found WEBM was the solution.  I reported in request #776083 that WEBM was working and I was not informed that I should not use WEBM and it is only now that the upload function prevents .webm files.

    Chromium requires an extension to support MP4.
    Cheers David.


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