why am I not able to upload html and js files to screencast


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  • Benjamin Rhodes

    Hello Niranjan,

    Screencast.com uses the TechSmith Smart Player to view all MP4 video created with Camtasia or now.  So if you've created a video with hotspots from Camtasia just upload the MP4 video and you will be all set.  Screencast.com will use your hotspot information you added to your video.

    Hope that helps,

  • Borrelli Cursos

    Hello Benjamin.

    It would be usefull to have the option to load the other files too. Sometimes it's needed to change some code in the techsmith-smart-player.min.js file in order to have the hotspots in the interactive video working as intended (e.g. https://support.techsmith.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360071672151-Where-can-I-get-a-list-of-the-Camtasia-2018-TSC-playerConfiguration-values- ).


    I bought Camtasia one year ago and so far it has been useless for me because of that issue with hotspots. I can just play with it locally, it's frustrating.

    I would apreciate some info on this.

    Thank you,




  • Benjamin Rhodes

    Hello Giuseppe,

    Can you tell me what you are modifying to fit your need? It may be something we can provide as an option that doesn't require source code changes.


  • Borrelli Cursos

    Hello Benjamin, thanks for your reply.

    So, I bought Camtasia because I want to add hotspot buttons to make the videos interactive. 


    Using Camtasia, the video is paused when the button appears, which is good because I want that who's watching is forced to click one of the buttons. However, the play button is still active and the video start to play again clicking on the video outside the buttons.


    What I need in order to have the interactive buttons working as intended, is the play button being inactive when there are interactive buttons on the screen. Also, clicking the screen ouside the buttons should do nothing. 

    That is, I need that the only possibility to go ahead watching the video is by clicking one of the interactive buttons.

    To go around the fact that in Camtasia is not possible to inactivate the play/pause button when ineractive buttons appear, I modify the code to remove the play/pause control (which is not the best solution, but so far it's the only option).

    The best solution would be to implement the funcionality and disable the play button when the interactive button appears (or at least let it possible to chose to do it). Otherwise, it should be possible to remove the play button (but it's not the optimal option), which is what I have to do by changing the code.

    Is there anything you can do about it?


    Thanks, Giuseppe

  • Benjamin Rhodes


    Thank you for describing what you are trying to create.  We have put options in place to help move in that direction, but there are limits.

    Currently the TechSmith Smart Player can:

    - Turn off the control bar entirely, which is overkill based on your description.
    - Turn off the ability to click on the video itself to play / pause.

    If both of those things are turned off, then the viewer would only be able to use the hotspots to navigate between points of the video once the video was started.

    If you need to build larger simulations that I would recommend looking at tools designed for that like Adobe Captivate.



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