SnagIt - SEEMS TO - capture audio sample rate, too fast


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  • Luke Griffioen


    So sorry that Snagit isn't recording audio well for you. Other than the one thread you mentioned, this isn't something we've heard about so we will want to know a little more about your setup to try to figure out what's going on.

    1. What version of Snagit 2021 do you have?

    2. Have you tried the Mac built-in microphone? Does it have the same issue?

    3. Are you recording system audio as well? If so, have you tried with only microphone enabled?

    4. Are the final videos the length you expect? If the video is shorter that could potentially cause the audio stream to time compress like you're describing.

    5. Can you try recording with the free trial of Snagit 2022? We have a completely rewritten video engine, so I'm curious if that has better results for you.


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