Mac version missing the auto snap canvas feature


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  • Luke Griffioen


    We don't currently have plans to add the snap back, but there are a few things that may help in this situation:

    1. You can turn off auto-expand canvas in advanced preferences

    2. when it does expand, you can undo once to revert the canvas resize

    3. If you want the canvas to perfectly shrink down to fit all of the objects you have with no extra canvas, you can use the Trim option in the Image menu

    I hope these workarounds help, and if not, I can pass along the need for autoshrink

  • Alex

    Hello, I would greatly appreciate it if you would pass along the need for autoshrink! I just switched from Windows to Mac and this is the one problem I have with the transition...I loved how the "automatically expand the canvas to fit objects" functions in Windows and I'm disappointed that it doesn't work the same way on Mac. Thank you!


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