Best practices for video coaching/training


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    When it comes to online coaching and training programs, there are various approaches you can take to engage viewers/participants. While there may not be specific data on engagement for each delivery method, there are some best practices you can consider:

    1. Use a mix of multimedia: Incorporate a variety of media elements to keep the content engaging and appealing. This can include PowerPoint slides, screen recordings, videos, images, and interactive elements. Mixing different formats can help cater to different learning styles and maintain participants' interest.

    2. Visual aids with narration: PowerPoint presentations combined with voice narration can be effective for conveying information. Use concise and clear slides with visuals that support the content being discussed. This combination allows participants to follow along visually while hearing your explanations.

    3. Screen casting demonstrations: When demonstrating specific processes or techniques, screen casting can be valuable. This approach allows participants to see your actions on the screen while you provide commentary or explanations. Screen casting is particularly useful for software tutorials, walkthroughs, or showcasing specific skills.

    4. Personal connection and presence: Adding a personal touch by appearing on camera can create a stronger connection with your audience. It helps establish trust and a sense of engagement. Consider incorporating short video segments where you directly address the viewers, share personal anecdotes, or provide additional insights.

    5. Interactive elements: Incorporate interactive elements such as quizzes, polls, discussions, or activities to keep participants engaged. These can help reinforce learning, encourage participation, and provide opportunities for participants to apply what they have learned.

    Remember, the effectiveness of your coaching/training program also depends on factors such as content quality, structure, pacing, and delivery style. Consider testing different approaches with a small group of participants and gather feedback to assess what works best for your specific audience and subject matter.



    David Johnson.


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