Camtasia (Mac): Error: Cannot open project



When attempting to open your project you get: Error: Cannot open project

*If you are receiving this error instead, "The Document 'yourFileName.cmproj' could not be opened" then please see the following article.


  • Always keep media and project files on a local hard drive and save your projects as a Standalone project
  • Avoid symbols in file and folder names
  • If you didn't save your project as a Standalone project, move your media files associated with your project back to their original locations if you have moved them.
  • If the project can't be opened after importing a media file, try temporarily moving or renaming just that file.
  • Restore from a backup copy of the project if all else fails:
    • Right click (Control + click) on the .cmproj you cannot open
    • Choose "Show Package Contents"
    • Follow the steps in the following GIF and then go back to the .cmproj and try opening it:



If none of these workarounds seem to resolve the problem, please contact support for assistance.

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