Error Cannot Open Project


The project in Camtasia Mac does not open and prompts this message: Error: Cannot open project.


Reason 1: File Not Saved as a Standalone Project

Always keep media and project files on a local hard drive and save your projects as a standalone project.


If the project is not saved as a standalone project, move the media file to its original location.

Reason 2: File and/or Folder Contain Symbols

Avoid symbols in file and folder names (@, #, %, etc.). File name should contain lowercase, uppercase, and/or numbers for file to open.

Reason 3: Location and Name of File

If the project cannot be opened after importing a media file, try moving or renaming the file.

Reason 4: Copy of File Does Not Work

Restore file from a backup copy of the project. If all else fails, follow the instructions below:

  1. Control-click the .cmproj file.
  2. Select Show Package Contents.
  3. Control-click project.tscproj and/or ~project.tscproj.
  4. Add .BAK extension at the end of the file name.
  5. Return to the .cmproj file and open it.

If none of these workarounds resolve the problem, contact support for assistance.

If the error received prompts The Document 'yourFileName.cmproj' could not be opened please see this article.